What Does Green Mean?

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘green?’ It is thrown around by companies claiming to be safe but not living up to their claims. It is important to know how to find truly ‘green’ companies and how to avoid the ones pretending to be safe.

How to Avoid Greenwashing

Greenwashing involves making claims that are misleading or untrue. These claims might trick customers into thinking they are more environmentally friendly than they actually are. Doing a little digging will help you find out which companies can back up their eco-friendly claims and which ones cannot. A good resource for finding truly green companies is the Certified B Corporation.

What is the B Certified Corporation?

I learned about the Certified B Corp through Beautycounter. Because of their determination to create safer products made in an environmentally sustainable way, they qualify as a member of the Certified B Corp. Only businesses that qualify after a rigorous assessment are allowed to join this elite group. The assessment takes into account not only what a company does but how they do it also. Transparency is an important part of being Certified B Corp. Companies are required to only make true, substantiated claims, unlike greenwashers.

Supporting Cruelty Free Companies

Supporting green, cruelty free companies is an important responsibility each of us have. Choosing to give business to companies that consider the impact of their actions on workers, customers and the environment is a worthwhile cause. The Certified B Corporation can help you find those businesses.


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Authored by Madison Toth - madisontoth.com